Malnutrition Labels: Nutritional Ink

We're on a mission to highlight Malnutrition Facts and encourage people to Favour more Fruit.

Committed to providing access to sustainable nutrition for 1 billion people and moving towards zero processed sugar in all products by 2025, Malnutrition Ink is the third part of Dole Sunshine Company’s Malnutrition Labels campaign. First launched in February 2021, the experiential initiative took place in New York, Los Angeles, and Baltimore through larger-than-life projections of “Malnutrition Labels” meant to call attention city- and nationwide to alarming nutritional issues and further the awareness of the estimated 54 million people facing food insecurity today.

During Hunger Action Month in 2021, Dole Sunshine Company released part two, Malnutrition Labels: Food Waste, which transformed the symbol of waste into a valuable tool supporting waste reduction and fighting hunger, appearing on big belly smart waste and recycling bins, trash bags and waste removal trucks throughout New York. The campaign was designed to drive education and spark action by shedding light on the staggering statistics of food waste and its impact on food insecurity.

At the Dole Sunshine Company, we believe that good nutrition is a human right. Like sunshine, it should be accessible and available to all.

In Britain, 3 million people are affected by malnutrition, mainly due to the lack of nutrients in the food people choose to eat. Whether it be fries, biscuits, or sweets, stats show that the UK eats more junk food than any other country in Europe.

Together with food charity FareShare, Dole Sunshine Company has a mission; to show just how little nutrition there is in some of the most popular foods out there and drive change.

Partnering with food scientists Bompas & Parr to create Nutritional Ink made from fruit, contextual posters have been launched that contain a higher amount of vitamins than some of the most popular foods people choose to eat. The ink went through various rounds of experimentation, using a variety of fruit that may have gone to waste and will be deployed across out of home marketing, social, and digital elements.

By presenting these surprising statistics in such a relevant space, we hope to #ChangeTheFacts and encourage people to Favour more Fruit as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Furthermore, Dole Sunshine Company will continue to donate, through the year, packaged fruit products to FareShare, ensuring that those most in need have access to good nutrition.

Nutritional Ink Posters